Westborough Middle School campus

Westborough Middle School’s Shoreline Cleanups Double as Lessons in Science and Service

Westborough Middle School students learn about environmental stewardship and civic responsibility during the school's quarterly shoreline cleanup events.
Once every quarter students at Westborough Middle School participate in shoreline cleanup events along the section of the San Francisco Bay Trail that runs from Oyster Point Marina to San Bruno Point Park.
Science teacher Corinna Low, who organizes the events and sponsors the school’s environmental club, says the activity is meant to help students connect with concepts they learn about in class.
“In my class we learn about ecosystems, that there are systems in place that purify the air and clean the water, and I think it’s important for our middle schoolers to get out there and see how it works.”
Moreover, Low said the quarterly cleanup events are a form of community service that the entire school can take part in.
“We recently cleaned up 2,000 pounds of trash during California Coastal Cleanup Day,” she said. “We believe that environmental stewardship, taking care of our planet, are part of being good citizens.”