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As a school community, we are all safer if students, parents, and staff understand the rules and expectations of the school. Should any student, parent, or staff member witness a violation of our school rules, they should report it to the school immediately. This will help keep everyone safe.
If your child is uncomfortable making a report, please support them by contacting a staff member directly and encourage your child to share the information with their teacher, counselor, or administrator. We also accept anonymous reports and will strive maintain confidentiality to the best of our ability.
Please remember there is a difference between "telling” and “tattling”. If an activity or action is harmful, then witnesses should either report the incident themselves or tell a trusted adult or staff member who can also make a report.

Emergency Preparedness

At the beginning of the school year, families are provided with an emergency card to fill out that lists the people who may pick up your child from school. Please make sure to fill out this card thoroughly. 
Each year the school site council also reviews, adopts, and submits a school safety plan to the district office that follows state and federal guidelines for disaster/emergency preparedness.  
In conjunction with these efforts, Westborough Middle School practices fire, earthquake, and lockdown drills throughout the year to prepare students, teachers, and staff for emergency situations.

Emergency Procedures

In the event of an emergency, students will usually be kept at school, and parents will be contacted to pick up their child.
Any adult who picks up a child must present a valid ID. This is for the safety of the child.
In the event of a campus evacuation, Westborough's meeting place is the fire station on Galway next to Westborough Park, which is just south of the campus.
Under ordinary circumstances, parents would report to the office to pick up their child. However, if the campus has been evacuated, parents would need to come to the aforementioned fire station meeting point.
Runners would then be sent to retrieve the students, and the children would be reunited with their parents. 
Please bring a valid ID. By law, we cannot release a child to an adult without identification.